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Wondering what your retirement from the auto manufacturing industry will look like?

The Oldham White Monroe Group has been helping local auto manufacturing employees with their retirement planning for years. And we can help you, too. We’re a collaborative team that brings diverse experience to the table. We understand your hard work and your retirement package and will put that expertise to work for you.

We can help you meet your retirement goals.

How should my investments be managed?

A married couple had been managing their investments on their own during their working years but felt unsure about how to manage their investments in retirement.  Based on their retirement plan, we crafted a portfolio that will provide income to support their lifestyle while keeping up with inflation.  

How can The Oldham White Monroe Group serve my entire family?

A client wanted to educate their young adult children on the importance of planning for their financial future.  We conducted a family meeting where we discussed debt, saving, and investing.  We help manage accounts for all family members including retirement, brokerage, trust, and 529 accounts.

My 25-year mark is coming up. Can I retire?

A team member was approaching their 25th anniversary with the company which qualified them for full retirement benefits.  Through our retirement planning process, we were able to show them it was possible.  They received a detailed plan for their retirement income, Social Security, taxes and investments.

Which payout schedule should I elect for my deferred comp?

A client had a deferred compensation with multiple payout options and was concerned about being in a higher tax bracket based on their election.  We were able to model three scenarios and evaluate the potential tax implications of each.

How do you work with other professionals such as my accountant or attorney?

We determined a client needed to establish trusts to protect their assets and offer privacy.  We hosted the client and their attorney in our conference room to walk through the client’s wishes. 

How can you help mitigate taxes in retirement?

A client has most of their wealth in a pre-tax 401(k) account.  Through our financial planning process, we were able to create an income strategy using annual Roth conversions that provided the current income they needed while reducing their overall tax bill.  

Centrally Located in Princeton, IN

Centrally Located in Princeton, IN

We offer a free "Retirement Plan Checkup" to make sure you're on the right track.  We offer early morning and late evening hours to accommodate you no matter which shift you're on. 

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